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Thursday–April 5

Back at EBC where the team is resting, recharging, recuperating…I can speak for the rest of Team Hybrid: it feels odd having five in our group.

Early forecast looks like Sunday [May 8] might be departure day for a chance to summit. Next to being focused on our safety for ourselves and each other, it’s safe to say that weather gets a lot of attention. In this game, it always has the last card.

Resting or recharging is a balancing act. You know the feeling. If you rest too long, you won’t feel like getting up [and off the couch]. I think regardless of altitude, the body can be determined to stay at rest. So, my next point is the mental part of this work. The mental discipline is very important. It’s the mind that pushes you to take that extra step, however large or small. You can be in terrific physical shape, but mental hardiness is what helps us stay persistently focused.


Written by mmsummits7

May 6, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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