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Bazaar day at Namche Bazar

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Saturday-April 2

Today is market day or bazaar day. A lot of local fare to see, but the most interesting “shop” here, to me anyway, is the butcher shop. If you’re looking for clear wrap and white styrofoam trays, this is not the place.

"Was that the prime cut or the loin, sir...?"

Life here is very basic. The locals have survived this way for eons.  You’ll find buffalo, duck, pig and other protein sources that, however odd in our culture, is “just another day” in this part of the world.  Makes one think of just how much the West really has. Life here is not about having “stuff.”

Had an interesting visit to the sherpa museum in town.  I tried carrying a large, wooden water bucket with a strap across my forehead. It appears pretty straightforward, but it is not. I was posing with one of these buckets and I dropped it!  It would’ve been an international incident, but fortunately, Phutashe (our guide) was nearby. Click here to learn more about just how efficient sherpa porters are.  They are truly amazing.

Today we’re off to Tengboche, which is noted for its Buddhist monastery and incredible views of mountain peaks, including Mt. Everest. Click here and you’ll get a better idea of just how special this place is. This is the kind of place where so many things hit your senses all at once: the sounds, the visual reality, the smells….everything. Stay tuned. Our journey is just getting started and there’s more to come…

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April 3, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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